Playtime Video Games is coming to Barnsley

June 16, 2008

We got the keys to our next shop in Barnsley last week so the shopfitters have been busy stripping it out and getting it ready. The address is 8-10 Market Street, Barnsley S70 1SH and we hope to be open in a couple of weeks time. It used to be a health food shop with treatment rooms on the first floor – not sure what that means but apparently it wasn’t very popular and they went bust. I never like to hear of people going bust but I can’t really see the people of Barnsley going for that sort of thing!!!!

Hopefully they will go for Playtime’s games instead. I always get excited at the prospect of a new store. The store will need new members of staff which I always enjoy. We started Playtime because we live and breath games – so if you offer someone else the opportunity to work in the games sector, its like bringing someone else into the brotherhood. If you are a gamer, what could be better than working in a game shop? We cant think of anything else really.

Barnsley will be our 10th shop and will take us to over 50 people (in the Playtime brotherhood!!! – that sounds sinister). Once the shop is a bit closer to opening I will post more updates, but in the meantime, here’s a mock up that our signwriter has done for us – I’m sure it will be better once it is done.


As you can see, after the Meadowhall store, this will be the second store where the sign is the same as our new URL – www.playtime.co.uk – It will be interesting to see whether people assocoiate the two with each other – ie the high street store and the online store. It will also be interesting to see if we get any of our Meadowhall customers coming into the Barnsley store – I know a lot of people who live in Barnsley go to Meadowhall to shop – it is that close. 



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