WOW on a laptop

June 17, 2008

Its not an experiment per se but I am going to install and have a go at playing WOW on my laptop over the next couple of months.

World of Warcraft has been one of our best sellers at playtime over the last couple of years and a lot of the guys who work with us have been playing it religiously.

To date, I have resisted because I suspect I will get addicted and nothing else will matter. But Big Brother started last week and Nikki (my wife) will insist on watching it (and I find it quite funny) so the next three months are written off.

So I had a brainwave – install WOW on my laptop, watch BB with Nikki and get some gaming done at the same time. I tried WOW once before last year but wasnt that impressed as it didnt seem that involving to start with. But that struck me as ideal if I am sat on the sofa with one eye on BB for the next few months.

So, this is the experiment – can I watch BB and level up and WOW at the same time without falling asleep or getting bored. I suspect yes but will keep you posted….



  1. […] got to sit down and try to play WOW (whilst watching Big Brother – see original post) last night but still no […]

  2. […] I have installed WOW on my laptop (see previous post for explanation) and so I play it without a mouse on the trackpad, balanced on my lap with a beer […]

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