Still no WOW

June 19, 2008

I finally get all the patches downloaded and installed, and I go to start playing only to find that I have already used my free trial period (this is fine and something I expected as I had a brief dabble on WOW last year).

So I go to the WOW homepage to try and manage my account and buy a months worth of time and can you believe it….. the server is down and I cannot get on to buy any time.

I am starting to believe I will never get this thing up and running…..


One comment

  1. Just bad timing me thinks:

    Web Maintenance Tonight, 19/06 19/06/08
    Beginning tonight at midnight, Paris time (CEST), and running until 10:00 Paris time June 20th, all web services will be undergoing maintenance. Therefore, access to services such as Account Creation, Account Management, Subscription Renewal, Paid Character Transfer, Paid Character Name Change, the European World of Warcraft forums, the Armory, and WoW-Europe.com may be disrupted during this time.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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