I just cannot get onto WOW

June 22, 2008

I don’t know what it is – perhaps they don’t want my money???? But it has taken me nearly a week to get everything into place to start playing Warcraft and when I finally get the time to do so, the servers are too busy to let me in and manage my account.

As I type this at 7.50pm on Sunday evening, the WOW homepage at http://www.wow-europe.com/en is timing out.

I sometimes think that my plans to avoid having to watch Big Brother are too far fetched and I will just have to suffer three months of Mario prancing around telling everybody how cool he is……..



One comment

  1. Are you sure your internet is working as it should do and no firewalls are stopping your access or anything?
    I was going to say I’ve never known the difficulties you’ve experienced but then I thought back to the evening I was installing the game and how much trouble I had inputting my personal details. No matter how quickly I filled in the online form it kept coming back saying that I was too slow. It worked fine the next day however.
    Even continually watching a failed web page has to be better than watching Big Brother, good luck.

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