WOW update

June 25, 2008

I have finally got it working….

And I am starting to see what the appeal is.

I was getting frustrated when I started because I didnt understand the concept of quests. Last night, I had wondered around for 10 mins just looking around and wondering what the appeal was. I then started trying to kill a wolf or two but kept dying and couldnt understand what the point was. Talking to Glen in the office this morning, it turns out my wonderings had taken me away from the starter area for my character which means a wolf would easily kill me. And all my dying and resurrecting had worn out all my equipment. Apparently going to Goldshire as a level 2 character is not a good thing to do.

So based on Glens advice, I went back to Northshire Abbey – the start-point for my human warrior and started again. This time I talked to characters and got some quests – and did them nearby!!!! And Lord behold – it’s quite compelling.

I am a Human Warriar called Sambam on the Arathor Realm. And in the space of 30 mins over lunch (with Glen showing me what I was going wrong) I levelled up to level 4. Cool. If you see me wondering around, please say hello.

Glen in the office has offered to send me some gold when he gets home – a nice gesture, but I want to do this myself and see how I get on.

My favourite thing so far – /dance. I might get round to posted a video of that but I suppose there are loads on Youtube.


One comment

  1. Glad you finally got it running, good luck with getting into the game. For me the early part of the game is quite dull and is the biggest reason I don’t have an alt characters past level 20 (although I have recently gotten a mage to lvl 15 – trying to push myself to another character).

    Once you get into the swing of things and around level 30-40 start to experience ‘instances’ such as Scarlet Monastery the game starts to pick up in my eyes. After all the point in MMORPGs is that there are loads of other players to share the experience with, and the instances (or dungeons) require grouping up to be succesful. Now get levelling to 70 before WOTLK comes out :P.

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