WoW/Starcraft II/Diablo 3 non-event news story!! Absolutely nothing to see here! Or is there…

June 25, 2008

So, the front ends of http://www.wow-europe.com and http://www.blizzard.com have been updated every day with the same image in slightly different states of revelation on the run-up to the World Of Warcraft Invitational in Paris this weekend. Now is it a general announcement of games? Is it the WotLK release date? Maybe the proper trailer after the rubbish in game tripe we had last year.
Or..could it be….dare we hope…Diablo 3?

The evidence, m’lud!

Exhibit a

Exhibit b

Exhibit c

Now. The fanboy community has been working overtime trying to decipher what the buggery is going on, but noone can decide on what it is. The runes in the ice apparently relate to Diablo 2, Starcraft and presumably WoW so it could be an overall thing, or red herrings abound. Personally I’m hoping that Hell has frozen over and it’s Diablo 3. I suppose more will be revealed tomorrow.


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  1. Surely all this cannot be just for this:


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