Drunken World of Warcraft

June 26, 2008

So I played a bit of Warcraft last night, just for an hour or so, whilst my wife Nikki watched Big Brother.

I levelled up to level 5 with a couple of quests around Northshire Abbey and generally enjoyed it.

It is not without its frustrations though. I ended up getting a Militia Quarterstaff as a reward for my last quest. I took it because looking at all the rewards for my quest, it seemed the most powerful – logical. As soon as I get it, it turns out I cant even use it – I dont have the abilities. What is the point of that??? Give me something I can hit people with now!!!!

Also, I have installed WOW on my laptop (see previous post for explanation) and so I play it without a mouse on the trackpad, balanced on my lap with a beer or a glass of wine on the go. That is probably as much a source of my problems to date as anything else. If you give anything your undivided attention, you will get the most out of it. For me, this is a bit of a distraction. Having said that, I am starting to see why people get addicted to it.

I need to keep an eye on that……



  1. Be careful if the addiction gets ya this could happen:


    There might be some in-jokes (geeky) that you may not get quite yet, take this as a good sign for now.

  2. Funny – I love the way they all get together at the end and treat a baby shower as a dungeon – then one bloke polls in ahead of the rest and they all get killed!!!

  3. That ending scene is basically a parody of the famous ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ warcraft video from a couple of years ago – probably the most watched warcraft video there is.

  4. Leeroy Jenkins????

    Link please?

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