Evil Penguin! No, wait…

June 27, 2008

The Blizzard plash screen conundrum continues with todays image showing a pair of eyes and 5 runes, 2 of which I’m not sure what they mean.


and this is hidden in the CSS


What the hell? I suppose we’ll find out tomorrow.



Diablo 3 discussion forum!?!?!?



  1. Interestingly enough if you modify the forum link you posted you can achieve different results. If you change d3-general to d4-general, etc. it works all the way up to Diablo 6. What I mean by this is that the drop down box for the list of forums will change itself accordingly to match the number used. However, one of the mystifying things about the whole thing is that the forums are shown with roman numerals as is the tradition for Diablo games. I suppose this means that these forums DO exist but are not currently active.

    /anxiously awaits Blizzard’s announcement.

    This better be worth it.

  2. hey me n my mate r now into and playin wow. i only play at nights and try to keep it to minimum. i made a warlock on blades edge (brand new server) n my mate made a shamen but dont like it n he decides to start agen as a hunter when hes lvl 18 or 19 im lvl 23 now n it is cool came whats ur shamen name so i can show him it so he dont start agen. josh

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