What I did on Warcraft last night

June 27, 2008

This is starting to become a regular thing. Thinking about my time on Warcraft last night, the morning after. You can tell when a game gets under your skin!!!

As I was thinking about blogging this, I was also wondering who would be interested. And I’m not sure really. Most of the guys here at Playtime who would be interested in Warcraft are already hooked. So who wants to know about a Noob. But then I thought (perhaps deludedly) that the views of a newbie are important to publishers – they need to know what people like and dislike if they are to improve it for future gamers. Mmmmm. Tenuous I know but hey.

So first thoughts – well I played last night for about an hour – did a couple of quests. And here was my first thought – there doesn’t seem to be a way to record the quests you have done. What did you do last night in Warcraft? Well, I got some wine for a woman (cant remember her name), I went into a mine (cant remember the name of it) to kill some walking rats (can’t remember what they are called) and then I got the head of this bloke who was running the local thugs near Northshire Abbey (guess what – I can’t remember his name either).

Can you see the pattern here? The quests are good because they are reasonably quick and rewarding but when you have done a few, they quickly melt into one. Is there a way of recording what you have done? I dunno – the guys in the office (Level 70 charactors) dunno either. Maybe you dont need it as the game progresses – but it was just a thought.

Also, I got to level 6 and the local Captain (can’t remember his name either – update: Glen just Googled it – his name is Marshall McBride) gives me my first quest that involves going outside of the local area. OK – so WOW is telling me its time to move on. But how do I know if I have done all the quests in this area. Personally, I am a bit of a completist!!! I like to know I have done everything in a level before moving to the next one – whatever the game is. But short of walking around forever, I cant see a quick way of identifying whether I have done everything.

Only slight gripes really I know but otherwise this blog entry would just turn into me carping on about how much fun WOW is and telling everyone – I got to level X last night.


One comment

  1. As I have mentioned before there is a nice little mod called quest helper.
    It helps you along highlighting any quests there are in a given area on the map, also shows areas that you need to go to to pick up the quest and hand it in. It may be considered cheating – I’m not really sure, all I know is it stops the kind of aimless wandering that I did the first time I levelled a character.

    Alternatively there are sites such as wowhead.com (mainly a database for items which gives details on where they are found or rewarded) or thottbot.com which is a little older and probably slightly less used nowadays but still useful for finding items and NPCs (non player characters).

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