I :WUB: Rock Band, BUT…

July 11, 2008

So I’ve had Rock Band a while now but I recently lost my saves (don’t ask!!!) so I had to start Rock Band again.

Being the slacker that I am it took me till last weekend to plough my way through Medium and by the time I got to Tom Sawyer by Rush (utter prog balls), I reckoned myself a pretty well coordinated drummer. Run To The Hills and Won’t Get Fooled Again fell before my mighty tub thumping skilllllllzzzzzz and so, with swelled head and confidence welling up inside of me, I moved to hard.

And then wept salty, bitter tears as all my so-called mighty tub thumping skilllllllzzzzzz we’re proven to be the equivalent of a labotomized chimp on valuim. Waves Of Mutilation has a kick drum/snare off beat that my brain refuses to acknowledge and therefore makes my arms and leg realign themselves after about 4 beats. The drum kit nearly went through the TV, I tells thee. And probably will the next time I try Celebrity Skin.


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