Mythos on ‘hiatus’. Robbo cries bitter, salty tears.

July 23, 2008

Last week or so, it was reported that Flagship Studios (comprised mainly of ex-Blizzard North employees, who made the wonderful Diablo II) had laid off practically all their staff and were barelling down the one way street to closureville.  This came out of the blue to me really, as I thought they were doing ok. Looking back at it, Hellgate: London was something of a white elephant in that it was massively hyped, cost a fortune and sold bugger all. Third/first person dungeon crawlers are not big business it seems (well duh). They hoped to make their money from people voluntarily subscribing to them for better loot, access to different content and other such things but it seems that model didn’t work as well as it does for the Korean MMO developers.

The upshot of this was that the absolutely wicked free MMO they were developing (which would be the Mythos in my blog title) had it’s servers shut down on friday, with the official line being that it’s “on hiatus”. What this really means is that it’s shut down indefinitely, probably permanently.
Mythos was all but Diablo II with it’s cute, pseudo-anime clothes on. Y’see, I f**ing love Diablo II. I f**king love loot whoreing. I f**king love smushing enemies by the means of RSI inducing mouse button mashing so the fact this never made it out of closed beta before being left in the balance makes me very very sad indeed. I played the closed beta thanks to a mate lending me his account and it was immense fun and it was FREE! And now, nothing. Dungeon crawlers (Nox, Diablo, Sacred, Divine Divinity, all those and more) are niche as you like, so I suppose we should have seen a free one relying on voluntary subs falling into the infinite pit of development hell coming really. Bah.


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