THQ titles for next 6 months

August 9, 2008

During a product breifing this week from THQ, we got a look at some of the games they have coming up over the next few months.

Saints Row 2 looks like it is going to be awesome. It’s got all the ingredients that makes GTAIV so good but it isn’t taking itself so seriously. There is a lot of humour in it and that could set it apart from GTA.

We also saw Smackdown vs Raw 09. Now I’ve never played them but it basically looked like more of the same. They have customized the Wii and DS versions to take advantage of their specific control methods but we didn’t get hands on the code so it’s hard to say.

The PS3 code that we saw looked very polished and in the past we have sold the most of this game to PS2 owners. With the price of the PS3 coming down and the bluray having won, this is proving to be the year of the PS3 and may well be the year SvsR09 really kicks in. I think THQ know this too because they are going to do a Ltd edition tin on the PS3 only. Called the “Ringpack”, it comes with an extra bluray disc with exclusive WWE footage. Out on the 7th Nov, we will try and get as many of these Ltd Ed tins as we can – definately one for the collectors!!

Another announcement was Darksiders Wrath of War – an action adventure game in the Zelda/God of War genre. Designed by Marvel Comics legend Joe Madureira, you play the four Horsemen of the Apocalyspe who have been imcorrectly set loose after the end of the world was triggered early. The style of the game looked brilliant – for me, definately one to watch. Zelda games are my all time faves do anything in this style, I will give a go to.


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