Console hard drives get bigger

August 12, 2008

So following the announcement by Sony that they are putting an 80GB hard drive in the PS3, the shortage of XBOX360 premiums is explained by the announcement from Microsoft that they will increase their hard drive size to 60GB.

This is all to do with storing digital content on your console, and I’m not sure how many people do that??

I store all my music and home movies digitally – but they are on my Mac. I can spool them over the house’s network to either the 360 or PS3 (using software on my Mac from Nullriver) but I would never store them there. No backups, cant edit them, take them with me, sync to my iPhone etc.

A computer is still required (for me) to do all the things I want to do with my digital media – and none of the next gen consoles have taken its place yet. Especially as I use a Mac, which is so media centric. What the consoles can now do, thanks to the software from Nullriver, is take the place of an Apple TV – a set-top device for spooling my media from my computer. One less cable to worry about.


One comment

  1. The question is, will Moore’s Law apply and we’ll soon see Xbox 360 consoles able to digitally store the Library of Congress or will the network (i.e., Xbox Live) become the computer and the console will basically go away. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

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