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September 16, 2008

Obligatory collector’s edition too.

World of Warcraft: The Wrath of the Lich King on DVD-ROM.
The Art of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, a 208-page book featuring never-before-seen images from the game.
An exclusive in-game pet: Frosty, the baby frost wyrm.
A behind-the-scenes DVD containing over an hour of developer interviews, the Wrath of the Lich King intro cinematic with director’s commentary, and more.
The official soundtrack CD, containing 21 epic tracks from the game, along with exclusive bonus tracks.
A mouse pad featuring a map of the newly opened continent of Northrend.
Two World of Warcraft Trading Card Game March of the Legion™ starter decks, along with two exclusive cards available only in the Collector’s Edition

Official WotLK page

My love of WoW at the moment is on something of a rollercoaster; some days I’m adoring it, some days I want to throw my PC out of the window through boredom and frustration. There’s the new patch coming before WotLK that actually contains some of the things that were supposed to be included in Lich King, like Inscription profession and barber shops and all that which is a bit odd. PTR patch notes are at the official site here


Phase, Song Summoner and gaming on iPods

September 16, 2008

So, jumping on this particular bandwagon about 3 months too late I downloaded Phase the other day after hearing great things about it. Made by the lovely, awesome, brilliant, fantasmagorical Harmonix (makers of the aces Rock Band) it’s a rhythm action game for your 5th gen iPod or classic (or owt with a click wheel) where you can import songs from your iTunes library, which are scanned by the game and have a track attatched to them. The track looks like a cut down version of the Guitar Hero/Amplitude/Frequency track i.e. there are three lanes, and circles fall down the screen towards the bar at the bottom and you have to press left on the clickwheel, the centre button, or right on the clickwheel as needed.

As is probably to be expected some songs work better than others (usually the faster ones) and it’s sometimes difficult to see where the games getting the rhythm and pacing but each time I’ve been on the train since I’ve got it I’ve played this even though I have my DS and PSP in my bag. It’s a sorry state of affairs when my iPod is grabbing my attention more than either of my proper consoles and all for £3.99! Baragin.

The other game I’m interested in, yet have held off buying due to being shite at Squeenix strategy games is song Summoner. Essentially a stripped down strategy game it takes songs on your iPod and transforms them into units to make up your army. It also looks the bizniz


WOW Lich King Release Date

September 16, 2008

It’s official


WOW Lich King Release Date

September 15, 2008

I wonder if this is true…..?

Not like Blizzard to let something so important slip out like this…


Death Magnetic hits Guitar Hero III. Robbo gnashes teeth.

September 9, 2008

I have a very active dislike for Guitar Hero III. I bought GHI as soon as humanly possible (read into that what you will) and adored the hell out of it. It was one of those games that was truly something new and exciting, even if the concept wasn’t. If you get me.

Anyway, Guitar Hero II wasn’t as good and Guitar Hero III is the downright abomination of the series – so it’s with much annoyance that the band most beloved by myself are releasing their new album in it’s entirety this Friday (in the US at least) for that most accursed of rhythm action games, and actually gets bonus solo’s!! The hell!??!


Metallica’s upcoming ninth studio album Death Magnetic hits Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock in its entirety this Friday, the same day the album goes on sale.

Better still the Guitar Hero downloadable album will include two exclusive renditions of Suicide & Redemption with extended solos by James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. And to wrap up the good news, Activision says the album will be fully forward compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour, which is quite a trick considering the additional instruments in the new game.

“We’ve been working very closely with Metallica and we’re extremely excited to offer Death Magnetic not only in its entirety, but also with the exclusive recordings of ‘Suicide & Redemption’ as downloadable content to Guitar Hero fans,” said Tim Riley, Vice President of Music Affairs for Activision Blizzard. “We’re proud to be setting a new precedent for our two industries, making an entire new album available in two different mediums simultaneously.”

Death Magnetic will hit the 360 for 1,440 Microsoft Points and the Playstation Network for $17.99 on Sept. 12.

AND! AND! It’s going to be compatible with Guitar Hero: World Tour!?!? Fucksake.
Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh and woe is me. Guitar Hero III would be great if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s about as much fun to play as masturbating with sand paper.


More Video Game Themed Tat You Don’t Need

September 9, 2008

But have to own, this time the Space Invaders Keyboard!


From Technabob via Kotaku

“Just weeks after I got my hands on my new light-up LED keyboard, now I’m drawn to a new keyboard that I think I need on my desk. The ubiquitous invaders from space have adorned many a product, and now you can think about those aliens every time you sit down at your computer to type a memo or surf the web.

Despite the overuse of the word “Board” in ElectroJoe’s Bendiboard Retroboard Invaders keyboards, they’re anything but boring. Not only does this keyboard feature pixelated images of the retro 8-bit invaders on all the keys, it’s completely flexible, so you can roll it up and throw it in your bag for easy travel.

And if you happen to spill a can or two of Red Bull or get your orange Cheetos dust all over it, you’ll be fine, since it’s sealed, dustproof and spill-proof. Pretty much anything you can throw at these aliens should just wipe easily off the keys.

As an added bonus, these invaders won’t eat any quarters no matter how many times you press the keys. Perfect for playing a game of Space Invaders on your PC, the keyboards are available now from UK gadget retailers BB-Shopping or 101Gear for £19.99 (appx. $39 USD).”



Are you a True Achiever?

September 1, 2008

The Xbox 360 gamerscore system has split gamers into those that whore the points to the point of obsession and those that just accumulate them as they plod along through their games (well, and there’s those that scoff at them, but they tend to be PS3 owners so we’ll let them off trophieslol etc). Personally, I see it as something that’s a nice extra to push yourself for if you can be bothered. But have you ever wondered how developers determine the score for each achievement? It’s all a bit arbitrary really. Anyway, the point is that some caps have decided to attach a gamerscore to the achievements dependant on how hard they are. The harder they are to get, the more points they are worth. Have a butchers here. Here’s my True Gamerscore.