Phase, Song Summoner and gaming on iPods

September 16, 2008

So, jumping on this particular bandwagon about 3 months too late I downloaded Phase the other day after hearing great things about it. Made by the lovely, awesome, brilliant, fantasmagorical Harmonix (makers of the aces Rock Band) it’s a rhythm action game for your 5th gen iPod or classic (or owt with a click wheel) where you can import songs from your iTunes library, which are scanned by the game and have a track attatched to them. The track looks like a cut down version of the Guitar Hero/Amplitude/Frequency track i.e. there are three lanes, and circles fall down the screen towards the bar at the bottom and you have to press left on the clickwheel, the centre button, or right on the clickwheel as needed.

As is probably to be expected some songs work better than others (usually the faster ones) and it’s sometimes difficult to see where the games getting the rhythm and pacing but each time I’ve been on the train since I’ve got it I’ve played this even though I have my DS and PSP in my bag. It’s a sorry state of affairs when my iPod is grabbing my attention more than either of my proper consoles and all for £3.99! Baragin.

The other game I’m interested in, yet have held off buying due to being shite at Squeenix strategy games is song Summoner. Essentially a stripped down strategy game it takes songs on your iPod and transforms them into units to make up your army. It also looks the bizniz


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