Carnivores on tour…

April 4, 2010

Having spent so long abstaining from meat, I was always going to make an event of returning to the fold. Whilst in Cheltenham this weekend, we decided to eat out to celebrate Easter Sunday and went to The Storyteller Restaurant & Wine Room

What a great place!!!

The food was very good without being pretentious, they had loads of wine to choose from at good prices (more of which later) and they are very children friendly – all of which adds up to thoroughly enjoyable time!

Irrespective of where we went, I was always going to have a steak with a bottle of red….

Steak red wine

It’s not hard to get it right but all too often you can eat out and they get it wrong. Steak please… “And how would you like that cooked sir?” It is such a minefield. I like mine rare but I don’t want it cold. Technically, it is medium rare where the steak is pink and bloody in the middle whilst being juicy and warm – but so few places get it right. Talking it over with the waiter, I ordered it rare and it came just as I wanted. Brill!!!

The wine room is an area just by the bar where they have a large selection of wines available at pretty reasonable restaurant prices. The normal rule of thumb for wine mark up in a restaurant is to times by 3!! If you can buy it wholesale for a fiver – it will be on sale in a restaurant for £15. They have to make a margin after all. (And I have never had an issue with this BTW). As we were ordering wine at the beginning of the meal, I noticed a Sauvignon Blanc on the card in front of me but it was from Australia. My favourite white tipple is New Zealand Savignon Blanc (I will save that story for another day) so I asked if they had a NZ SB and they mentioned a couple – one of which was Cloudy Bay!

Now, Cloudy Bay is still the best Sauvignon Blanc from NZ but it’s reputation means that it is very expensive. Last time I bought some from Majestic Wine, it was £19 a bottle so to pay £29 in a restaurant – well I was quite pleased with that. It’s still nearly 30 quid for a bottle of white, I know – but you wont get better. And I am sure there are other places who will charge you over £50 it – correct me if I’m wrong!

We then had a nice bottle of Australian Red to go with the steak. And sod it, we thought we’d have a pudding too.

Pecan Pie Mississippi Mud Pie

I had the Mississippi Mud Pie. Nikki wanted the Pecan Pie. When I ordered it, I asked the waiter if he had ever seen “When Harry met Sally”?!??! He didn’t get my odd film reference. He was too young of course. Am I am getting old?

Overall, a good meal and a great night out.

And I am glad to be back into the meat eating fold!!!


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