I know what I’m having for breakfast…

April 4, 2010

What about you?

For those of you who don’t know, I have not been eating meat during Lent. But today is Easter Sunday so Lent has come to an end for another year. And now I am eating meat again, today at least, I am going to do it properly.

Fenton’s butchers in Tickhill are the source for a couple of my favourites. Tomato sausages on the left and Pork & Black Pudding on the right. The perfect combination for a cooked breakfast.

Not eating meat for 6 weeks has proved quite hard, but not for the reasons I expected. I am a bit of a foodie so what I eat forms an important part of my day. Not having meat as an ingredient hasn’t proved that difficult when you can put a bit of thought and planning into what you eat. We have been eating fish and seafood, so when we take the time to buy it and cook it, we have been eating very well. Moules Marinere & Salmon cooked in different sauce’s have been highlights but so too has been a Vegetable Chilli that Nikki came up with and we have eaten more than once.

The hard part has been when you don’t get time to prepare. Sometimes, you can’t get to the market for some fresh fish or you don’t have the time during the day to make a chilli. Being able to pop to the butchers and grab a couple of fresh chicken breasts or half a dozen decent sausages is a luxury that you very quickly get used to when living in Tickhill. And makes a quick last minute supper very acceptable. Without that, too many evenings this last month or so have been “pasta with pesta” – and it was starting to get boring.

We have also missed a good old fashioned Roast Dinner. Lily-Anne was at Brownies on Monday evening and they were talking about Easter camp next week. She can’t go because we are away ourselves, but she was most disappointed when they were discussing the menu for the camp and said they will be having Roast Chicken. “Daddy, when is Lent over?” she asked, more bothered that she can’t have a roast than she can’t go on camp. That’s my girl!!!!

I know – we’re very spoilt but it’s true.


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