Could it be….?

April 6, 2010

I can’t say it’s been the easiest weekend ever.

We are all so connected these days. It means being able to instantly see anything that happens anywhere else in the world. And this is not always a blessing.

Apple launched the iPad this weekend. I know this because I have seen video’s of people getting them from Apple stores.

It was tough watching from this side of the pond – we may be connected but I can’t buy one. Now, you don’t have to be American to buy one. Stephen Fry has one. Jonathan Ross announced on Twitter that he has one.

You just have to be in America to get one – and that’s the rub.

But maybe not for much longer. It’s only a rumour but April 23rd looks like it could be the date for the UK.




  1. So are you saving up the pennies to buy one on St George’s Day?

    • Already have the pennies (and pounds) saved. It is my belated birthday present from Nikki. Or at least it will be when they release it – eventually!!!

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