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iPhone update

April 5, 2010

I dropped my iPhone last month and smashed the screen. It still worked fine but I had to look through the smashed glass when using.

At first, it seemed like the perfect excuse to replace it when the new 4th gen one comes out in the summer – it’s not that long after all. However, it was proving a pain using it on a day to day basis and all of a sudden June/July seemed a long way away.

If I replace it now, I could get a 3GS for approx £200 but would have to commit to at least an 18 month contract. That would scupper any plans for the new one in the summer.

A quick Facebook pole about whether to replace now or not, and a couple of people suggested that I could get my smashed machine repaired and then sell it on eBay in the summer. I would probably get most of my money back. Never thought of that!!!

So a quick trip to the Apple Store in Meadowhall and a refurbished 1st Gen iPhone was mine for £140.

Who’d have thought a new one would look so retro already.

Look – no scratches…

So back to normal. Which is great.

There has been a couple of little bonuses to. The old phone had a dodgy headphone port which sometimes cut out when running – not anymore.

And the loudspeaker is miles better. When they released the 2nd Gen iPhone – the 3G one – they upgraded the loudspeaker, making it much more useable as a speaker phone and when calls/texts come in. I have always noticed this with my phone as Nikki has a 3G one and it is just louder.

Well – I reckon they have used a new spec loudspeaker in refurbishing the 1st gen one I bought.

I actually hear it now when the phone is ringing!!! Who’d have thought?