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I :WUB: Rock Band, BUT…

July 11, 2008

So I’ve had Rock Band a while now but I recently lost my saves (don’t ask!!!) so I had to start Rock Band again.

Being the slacker that I am it took me till last weekend to plough my way through Medium and by the time I got to Tom Sawyer by Rush (utter prog balls), I reckoned myself a pretty well coordinated drummer. Run To The Hills and Won’t Get Fooled Again fell before my mighty tub thumping skilllllllzzzzzz and so, with swelled head and confidence welling up inside of me, I moved to hard.

And then wept salty, bitter tears as all my so-called mighty tub thumping skilllllllzzzzzz we’re proven to be the equivalent of a labotomized chimp on valuim. Waves Of Mutilation has a kick drum/snare off beat that my brain refuses to acknowledge and therefore makes my arms and leg realign themselves after about 4 beats. The drum kit nearly went through the TV, I tells thee. And probably will the next time I try Celebrity Skin.


Rock Band 2: The backpedal

July 1, 2008

Videogaming24/7 miscommunicated that the September release date was for both Us and Uk regions.

Updated story

Have they told people more than they should or honest mistake?


Rock Band 2: Further Details

June 30, 2008

So! We have more details on Rock Band 2:

  • September release in UK and US
  • New strat design (at least)
  • All Rock Band DLC will work with Rock Band 2

Various links here:

Yahoo News

Mock up of ‘new’ strat (hopefully the strummer will be a bit more…satisfying)

New Strat

And as if that wasn’t enough, on July 15th we get a whole pile of The Who tracks! Again, from Yahoo News:

MTV Games and Harmonix are releasing 12 “Rock Band” songs on July 15 from The Who — ranging from “My Generation” to “Who Are You” — that all utilize the band’s master recordings. The tracks will be available for $1.99 individually or $19.99 together. The special release coincides with the upcoming “VH1 Rock Honors” ceremony commemorating The Who.


Rock Band 2: It’s official

June 30, 2008

Xbox 360 timed exclusive, Rock Band 2 DLC will be available to use on Rock Band , September release date, according to this announcement on Eurogamer.

For those to lazy to click:

Harmonix has unveiled Rock Band 2 and announced plans to release it as a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 this September – with other platforms to follow “later in the year”.

Perhaps the biggest feature will be cross-compatible downloadable songs, lead designer Dan Teasdale told IGN. And this works both ways; Xbox 360 fans can carry-over downloadable tracks from Rock Band 1, while PS3 fans awaiting release can play Rock Band 2 downloadable songs in the original game.

We’re promised some “cool new features” that let you play your DLC in “different ways”, too.

The existing peripherals will work with the sequel and you would bloody hope so too, but Harmonix and MTV will be offering updated peripherals that are “more realistic and reliable”.

Feedback from the first game has led to Harmonix to expand its online options and offer better party functionality, so your friends can hop in with much less hassle.

There’s no word on what songs will feature just yet, but Teasdale called it the “strongest playlist we’ve ever assembled”. He also mentioned the possibility of user-created content in a similar vein to Guitar Hero: World Tour, but suggested something like this would take time to do properly.

“Rock Band 2 takes all the lessons we’ve learned from making a multi-instrument music game, addresses them, then adds some amazing new ways for you to experience your music library that have never been seen in a music game before,” said Teasdale.

“We’ve been scouring forums and parties everywhere for what people liked and didn’t like, and I’m pretty confident we’ve addressed everything I’ve heard people ask for.”

Rock Band is available on Xbox 360 in Europe, with PS3, PS3 and Wii versions yet to be dated.

I now have a conundrum. I have the PS3 version, so importing RB2 is easy peasy, but it’s timed for 360. So do I buy the 360 version and disguise the drums as an end table or something so the missus doesn’t throttle me for having 2 lots of the same game.

Actually, she wouldn’t do that – but I have to make folks that need to get these things past their significant others feel better. No, the real problem is space. Part of the reason I’m not bothering with GHIV is that I don’t have space for 2 drumkits. The other is that Guitar Hero III disappointed me and made me cry the hot salty tears of a broken man, but that’s for another blog.

It does bring up the question: What are they going to add to it without making Rock Band 1’s instruments obsolete?