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Not lunch but dinner

April 14, 2010

As I forgot to photograph my lunch, i thought I would keep my informal holiday food journal up to date with a piccie of dinner instead.

The chicken was drizzled in olive oil and rubbed with some Basil Salt I found in the cupboard! It was then roasted for about 40 mins with some garlic. Served with potato & celeriac mash and ratatouille.

The serving plate was also in a cupboard within the accommodation, but not the same one as the salt!!!


Moules Roquefort

April 13, 2010

Second in a series of lunches I have had.

Today was at L’Ocean Creperie in Ars en Ré.

Nikki had Moules Marinere…

whilst I had Moules Roquefort…

I’ve never had this one before but it was really good, so I will be trying that at home very soon.

Can you spot the difference?


Galette de Fruits de Mer

April 12, 2010

Mussels & Scallops to be exact.

We found “Le Pot D’Etain” just ambling round the back streets – very rustic & charming inside.

Nikki had a Galette de Fromage et Jambon and we shared a little carafe of Merlot Rosé – yummy!!! Samuel had a sausage and cheese galette whilst the girls had Caramel (Lily-Anne) and Chocolate (Grace) crepes. The children then had ice cream – Nikki & I had coffee.

All in all, a very civilised way to pass the time of day.