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The future of Food

August 25, 2009

I watched the second part of George Alegia’s documentary last night on the BBC – the future of food. Excellent and thought provoking. I missed the first one but intend to catch up on my return home.

I have only skimmed over some of these issues until now and he presented them very well.

If you missed it, I’d recommend catching up on the BBC’s iPlayer but to summarize….

There are farmers in Kenya – a country that cannot feed itself – growing food that is sold on UK supermarket shelves!!!! What is that all about???

There are farmers in India who have had their land confiscated from them and are now going hungry because their government wants to grow Biofuels on the land. With the oil price so high, it’s cheaper to run cars on biofuel and an increasing proportion of the worlds farmland is turning to this crop – when people are still going hungry!!! Bizarre!!!

We have so overfished the waters around Europe that there are no fish left – so Spanish trawlers now fly under a Senagalise flag and fish their waters in the Atlantic – to the point where another country that cannot feed itself is having their local protein source taking from under their nose and put on the plates of Europeans!!!

We have got to start eating local – wherever we are. Don’t buy from supermarkets – buy from local producers and local sellers. We are really lucky where I live – we have two butchers and a greengrocers, who all advocate the adage of ‘local is best’! Use them or loose them people!